When I wasn’t trustworthy

It was four years from now when I was missing integrity -I could commit to any activity but I wasn’t able to come thru- Sometimes my calendar was already too busy because I never said NO to any of the things that came up, other times I didn’t have the energy and desire to do […]

Spirit? Seriously? …YES.

My 3 month old is literally discovering the world: Whenever he listens to a new rhythm of music his eyes almost come out from the socket! He stares at any patterns around, looks from top to bottom amazed. -Not sure if he’s trying to see if each element of the pattern is the same but, […]

The spirit matters more than matter

Léeme en español I will start saying what I believe about spirituality (I will also try to be as concrete as possible): There is a spiritual reality which manifests thru the material universe. I believe it’s created, orchestrated and supported by the Host of Hosts, the master mind and the perfect power: God Almighty. I […]