The sweetest thing

To continue honoring the pieces that make me whole and have manifested in the shape of girlfriends, now it’s all about a bootylicous, kinda shy, gentle, innocent babe – I can already imagine her face blushing with curiosity and shyness as she reads.

(She’s the one with a white tank top smudge in the middle).

I can just go on and write so many wonderful adjectives about her but instead of a blog entry I’ll end up with a target market key words list, lol.

I cannot find a better way thou:

Picture the femininity, class and dignity from Charlotte from Sex and the City mixed with the silliness, empathy, and stability of Charlotte from Sex and the City.

I cannot be clearer than that.

Now just try and imagine the link between her and I:

Back when we were in high school, with all the great confusion of that season, there we were: sharing our interest on mystery solving cases, chips and simple conversations, for hours; as in 6 hours, at least twice a week for 6 straight months.

Our medium: the landline.

Our fuel: honest friendship.

Our poison: jalapeño chips.

Our challenge: being the first one to come back to the phone when our snacks were over without hanging up.

When can one get that kind of innocent, honest relationship? Only when you are young and wild and free as Mr. Snoop Dog well says.

Back in those days it was a true luxury for me to be myself with someone as there was bullying in my plate at the moment.

And life had Ale Borjas and me sharing that.

I couldn’t have a better companion because for her: friendship isn’t a passing thing but a life long relationship.

I’ll explain: She’s so sincere I’m not even sure she understands the commitment it requires to accomplish taking a high school friendship into adulthood (specially living in different cities).

I feel she just truly cares about me and having me around so the commitment part is just involuntary for her.

Today she’s invested so intelligently on her social circule that she was invited to 49 weddings only last year, and of course, she attended all of them!

Can you now understand how special this women is? Special and unique.

I know for a fact she’s a blessing. Even if I didn’t know her and I hear about her I would just want to meet her, get to know her and have her as a friend.

I feel like continuing writing praises on her, lol.

To wrap this up:

What more confirmation of me being special too than having this diamond of a women appreciating me for more than a decade.

And for the record: I have not been even a tad close of giving her the care she actually deserves.

Why does she even love me? I have absolutely no clue but I feel privileged about it.

I know for a fact she’ll continue walking her way, treasuring tons of real meaningful relationships and the fact that I get to be one, is just like having one of the Willy Wonka’s golden tickets! Minus the oompa loompas but including the chocolate.

‘Till we meet again, Adriana.

And now: One more memory together

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