Mango season

On my second post about some of the women who have helped shape my worldview I’d like to bring into mind my dear friend Jacqueline.

This is a girl who can laugh out loud! She’s got a super fun, uncomplicated and practical mindset.

I’m not sure if this is either a personality trade of hers or a skill but oh men, she works it really naturally.

Our history together gets robust in a very strategic season of life:

College years; right before hitting maturity (…well she did).

-In case you are wondering: it took me at least 5 more years to slam my face into the maturity door, so I can say we are only passing from being acquaintances to be comfortable with each other (can I hear some LOL?).

Anyways, we had FUN, RECKLESS FUN.

Later, in what it seemed the middle of our partying she met a guy and was quick to realize he was not one to let go, this was THE MAN.

Meanwhile I moved to a different state.

Of course we kept in touch and with the pass of time I would be more and more amazed at how little I had known my friend.

I’m not talking of her loosing her spark by getting serious but the whole opposite, she kept always adding new ingredients into her personhood.

From her studies and career, to her health, to her family, she’s kept on expanding.

Isn’t this what LIVING is about?


Just think about it: wars have been fought for this very reason!

So, why is she important to my life?

A whole new horizon of possibilities opened up for me by witnessing the way she would work for her new convictions.

Back when I was around 15 I used to hear people praising Madonna for the way «she reinvented her self» and it always caught my attention but didn’t quite get it.

I was only aware of her different looks but I wasn’t familiar with the different substance she would bring every time.

That’s what I was able to see first hand with my friend.

With her example I understood as time went by that I didn’t have to commit forever to my current commitment. I can change if I want to for what I want to!

The glimpses of freedom she’s showed me are a treasure.

Yes, this covers it:

With love, Adriana.

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