Spirit? Seriously? …YES.

My 3 month old is literally discovering the world:

Whenever he listens to a new rhythm of music his eyes almost come out from the socket!

He stares at any patterns around, looks from top to bottom amazed.

-Not sure if he’s trying to see if each element of the pattern is the same but, before I spend my whole day talking about my son ( I’m a new mom, give me a break!) I’ll get to the point:

His relentless curiosity made me think of a few years back, when the most exciting and mysterious journey started for me:

My spiritual life was born along with the sweetest years I’ve ever tasted so far.

Looking back, I see that one of the pivotal steps for this to happen was to acknowledge the existence of my spirit.

Look, I myself am a pragmatic person, what I say is certified.

I know that even the concept of spiritual life ain’t the easiest thing to dimension -BUT hey! Some of the most constant presences in our lives are invisible.

Hello gravity!

More importantly:

They DO NOT need us to acknowledge them to exist. They do on they’re own.

Even more essential than that:

We DO need to acknowledge their existence to harvest their fruits.

Humankind’s expertise is at exploiting what life has to offer.

Just an idea to think about.

If you want to read a bit more about this, check

The spirit matters more than matter

With love:


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