The true influencer

This is the story of me and the girl who introduced me into understanding that friendship is not only a companionship thing but could also have a mentoring side.

I met Pam Milian back when I was around 22 -I’m 30 at the time- in a VERY competitive work environment, I was new and was getting an idea of my surroundings. That was definitely the vibe.

As she walked inside the office it got filled with her overpowering essence. She reeked experience, glamour and confidence.

This is her glorious self.

She sat next to me -this was my first time in a full on executive job- we were in the same side of the desk, across our boss in the other side. I immediately noticed her posh manicure and her infinite hills…and legs.

Once the meeting was over she asked me for lunch; she got me on her pocket right there but I didn’t know that quite yet. Took me for sushi. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, thought I would be better having lunch at my desk by myself, doing whatever I could do meanwhile -I was a country girl and she was city gal.

As we were on our way to the restaurant she voiced her opinion on how depressing was to spend the whole day at that gray bureaucratic office – I’m not sure if she was aware or not that was my daily routine- I couldn’t agree more.

I was quick to realize she’s a person on top of her life, with all taken care of, making time for what’s important and then some for the rest.

I was in for the ride, ready to go wherever she would take me, eager to learn her lifestyle and privileged to be part of it.

Our friendship is fun, empathic and nurturing, it could only lead to mutual love!

One day she did my nails because I really liked hers and she ain’t selfish. She had a gelish kit awaiting fue us to bond.

She’s just a free agent. And that freedom I tell you, is the youth elixir.

Today, 8 years later, she continues to work her cards gracefully, she knows what she likes, who she is, what she wants and what to do.

I believe her superpowers come from observation. Taking the time and energy to understand a person, circumstances, pathways and purposely choosing what to do with it.

I honestly think she saw my potential before I could ever notice.

Taking her advices into real consideration has been key for me to let free what was waiting inside me.

She also taught me it’s always a good idea to be in touch with your femininity.

That’s our story on a nutshell.

Cheers to all!


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