The spirit matters more than matter

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I will start saying what I believe about spirituality (I will also try to be as concrete as possible):

There is a spiritual reality which manifests thru the material universe. I believe it’s created, orchestrated and supported by the Host of Hosts, the master mind and the perfect power: God Almighty.

I believe human kind is the most powerful manifestation of God’s logic and it’s made perfect in Jesus Christ.

-I’ll expand on the details in later posts.

That being said, I chose to cling and host inside me what´s known in mainstream as sound mind, boldness and love (biblically known as the Holy Spirit) over any other spirit (bad temper, pride, depression, etc).

Free will is the key

This was a choice I made in 2015 and since that moment I’ve been compelled to cultivate these foundational beliefs thru spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, fasting, and praising.

Maybe in other time I can write a bit on how I got to these conclusions. Let me just acknowledge I’m not an easy person to convince.

The truth is that since then I have witnessed and experienced a cleaner, simpler, richer life. And this is not exclusive to the joyful times.

Thanks be to God!

If you’re interested on knowing more check out: “Spirit…seriously? YES”

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