Style has gotten easier!

Picture this:

I was walking with a pair of dark blue lavished skinny jeans, a beige structured linen blouse, a pair of animal print brown espadrilles, washed face, my curls bouncing with a brown and black lines hair pin and a beige toned snake clutch…

In case that was confusing, let me help with a picture:

My clutch was hanging from the stroller since I was taking my dog for a walk with my 2 month old hoping he would finish his nap (he did).

As I looked down I realized I had kind of a cool beige mix and match style going on (my dog was also accidentally part of my styling).

That was a pleasant surprise since I had left home in a rush- grabbed everything at hand in the same color shades (total beige is in btw) and remembered that in this generation: style has no limits.

-In my 20’s this kind of “Uber eclectic” mix of patterns: snake print with cheetah with lines would have been a «fashion slap on the face».

It seems like after decades of fashion we have seen enough aesthetics to be confortable with style diversity. Our panorama is way wider every year.

But that’s not a novelty right? We know that.

What’s even more interesting to me is that even thou I had no intention of looking like I knew what I was doing in terms of fashion, thanks to this wider fashion sense I was looking RAD, and I felt it!

But wait, there’s an even cooler part: not only was I unwillingly wearing a cool styling (call me Adriana. Effortless Adriana; like Bond, James Bond, get it? A dad joke is always appropriate) but all I had to do to get it was to buy the items I like and wear them together.

Crazy but style should be that simple in the first place!

No outfit confusion, no outfit planner, not even worrying about matching, further more: no worries about being socially presentable!

Today it is as simple as getting what we like to have the means for a beautiful, fashionable and more importantly PERSONAL style.

You do this and let me know how is the confidence flowing.


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