My oldest friend

This is the first entry of a series about the women in my life; our relationships have filled different gaps that have helped shape my personhood till the day.

Mentor, sister, friend, inspiration, role model, unconditional: those are some of the words that come to my mind when I bring to mind memories with them.

I’ll start where I am right now, and that’s with my oldest friend.

The escenario where we met was a NEW classroom in a NEW high school where my mates knew each other from kindergarten and I knew ZERO people – I look back at those years and can still feel the vulnerability…

-Hi I’m Alina, you are Pury right? -She knew one out of my three first names.

-I was seen; I wasn’t expecting anybody to talk to me, specially this tall, blonde, thin girl.

Not only was I seen but I felt so special.

After that, it was all history, we just clicked and started filling us up on where we were in our young lives as well as including each other into our new teenage adventures.

Oh…How much have we shared.

I actually started writing this by answering this question:

Why is she important to my life?

She doesn’t judge one bit.

She believes in me, and I know this because I’m always treated with respect by her.

Is always sincere and always sweet to deliver what I need to know: I must explain:

If I have food in my teeth, she won’t hesitate on helping me. Notice I’m not saying «she won’t hesitate on telling me». That’s because she will give me the heads up in a way so I won’t feel shy about it but simply natural.

I can count with one hand the people with that skill.

Also she loves my family, actually she treats them like HER FAMILY.

Shares her life with me. No matter how disconnected I’ve been, she knows my personality and have find the way to make it work.

Has a Barbie personality: To have a friend like this is just a luxury (she also looks like one).

Is tough, sassy and hip: This girl can have a hip hop duel with Eminem and crush it.

Yep, she’s a keeper!

Sincerely, Adriana ;P

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