Power women kick ass

Who can cope with bleeding from their private parts for 60 days a year and do it gracefully?

Who can thrive while being psychologically and sexually harassed and do it gracefully?

Who can grow a human in their body while also taking care of her life and others?

Well… you get the drift:


No wonder why the world is so busy trying to keep us down. Fear is a force and it’s trying to do what it can.

Of course, that fight was lost, and even thou the battle can continue, the outcome will continue to be that:


Oh men, oh men, what a fantastic time to live.

I’m particularly overwhelmed with the powerful female society that is born in this generation even after ages and ages full with attempts of oppression against us.

Oh no my dear world, don’t you think for one second that women kind is gonna stop fighting, women kind has won the battle long back.

With the first drop of blood from the period that the first women lost, our faith was sealed:

We will endure everything and will do it gracefully, and will do it full with power, generosity, selflessness, with a smile that shows strength and kindness.

There is a bible text that portraits the perfection built in us:

So whatever it is that we are endeavoring today or in the future, let us not forget that God has already given us the power.

With love for all!


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