He’s also a son

I saw my baby boy today,

Seems like floating in the air,

He’s stroller opens the way

For new places to observe.


In his face I saw trust,

This baby is a son,

he receives a warming touch

Every day the sun comes up.


Who are you? I wonder,

A faceless babe now in my head,

He’s not receiving care,

I can see it in his face.


My mind and heart in one accord

Realize he didn’t come alone,

Many others come along.


My God I ask:

Let them feel your love.

This babies are also sons.


A sweet relief invades me now

As I remember you gave your life

Now each of these new sons

Are adopted by you, Lord.


Let your sweet will be done

And as you gained my trust with love,

Please, let them see they are your sons.

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