Don’t read this if you’re my boss

Léeme en español: Si eres mi jefe no leas ésto

I’ve been thinking lately -for the last 10 years, pretty much since I hit adulthood -about my… how can I call it?

Lack of commitment?

Need for accountability?

Lack of motivation?

Need for discipline?

Time and time again I reach this moment where my current thing becomes past news, just like that.

Whatever interested me today, made me so passionate to go research, study the topic and then moved me to act, simply stops occupying space in my mind. In a second!

I’ll explain myself better:

Once something is in my head, that’s it:

I’m fixated. I will do it and I won’t just do it, but once it’s done, it’s gonna be perfect.

The problem of course is that many times I don’t get to that «perfect stage» for which I planned and invested so much.

This is how it happens:

I’m going deep dive into the subject of my interest and suddenly something else catches my attention and the earlier item is just left hanging.

And I wonder: how can it be when I was so engaged in it!

Investing so much time!

Giving it so much real state in my mind!

Thinking deeper into the matter:

I used to procrastinate back in the day… now it is impossible for me to do that because of the endless to do list I’m developing with my new acquired habit.

I just wanna do everything.

…At the same time!

Is it that I’m over ambitious? Lol

If somebody has an answer to my problem please tell me now and I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile I conclude that my walk into the productivity valley is evolving.

That’s actually not so bad.



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