From Victim to Hero

Let’s have a simple chit chat and talk about the arbitrarily condition of true justice.

I’ll rise this question: can there be justice and forgiveness at the same time?

Doesn’t forgiveness requires justice to not be done?

It’s amazing how things can go in a complete odd direction when we live as if we were the center of the universe.

Just like the explorers back in the day would plan odd things believing the earth was the center of the universe too.

Of course, our conscience indicates that we are the center but taking our mind out of our own skin and seeing things from above brings justice and meaning into a whole other pathway.

A pathway where justice is not my own personal retribution from the wrong I’ve received but I, myself, who’s been wronged can perform the heroic justice it self!

That person who’s wronged us got to that point somehow, he’s own presets and life’s preconditions lead him there, so by forgiving that person actual JUSTICE is made.

So then, what is the justice I, «the victim» get?

Well for starters, to enmancipate from the very own precept of revenge and summon the courage to forgive takes us out from being a victim to become a hero!

That’s a good start for personal justice, isn’t it?

Besides that, if «justice» is performed just for the sake of justice then is more revenge and we take away its power, the power of transformation for the better.

Let’s take the excellence justice-judgement-forgiveness case found in Jesus’s case who as we all know, willingly surrendered his life, accepted the human condition of constant betrayal and pain in a heroic act of justice for human kind.

What did he get? Well, the hearts of millions of hearts throughout hundreds of generations now to begin with.

That’s really something to think and embrace individually.

The rest, life will take care of, that’s a guarantee.

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