Don’t read this if you’re my boss

Léeme en español: Si eres mi jefe no leas ésto

I’ve been thinking lately -for the last 10 years, pretty much since I hit adulthood -about my… how can I call it?

Lack of commitment?

Need for accountability?

Lack of motivation?

Need for discipline?

Time and time again I reach this moment where my current thing becomes past news, just like that.

Whatever interested me today, made me so passionate to go research, study the topic and then moved me to act, simply stops occupying space in my mind. In a second!

I’ll explain myself better:

Once something is in my head, that’s it:

I’m fixated. I will do it and I won’t just do it, but once it’s done, it’s gonna be perfect.

The problem of course is that many times I don’t get to that “perfect stage” for which I planned and invested so much.

This is how it happens:

I’m going deep dive into the subject of my interest and suddenly something else catches my attention and the earlier item is just left hanging.

And I wonder: how can it be when I was so engaged in it!

Investing so much time!

Giving it so much real state in my mind!

Thinking deeper into the matter:

I used to procrastinate back in the day… now it is impossible for me to do that because of the endless to do list I’m developing with my new acquired habit.

I just wanna do everything.

…At the same time!

Is it that I’m over ambitious? Lol

If somebody has an answer to my problem please tell me now and I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile I conclude that my walk into the productivity valley is evolving.

That’s actually not so bad.




Spirit? Seriously? …YES.

My 3 month old is literally discovering the world:

Whenever he listens to a new rhythm of music his eyes almost come out from the socket!

He stares at any patterns around, looks from top to bottom amazed.

-Not sure if he’s trying to see if each element of the pattern is the same but, before I spend my whole day talking about my son ( I’m a new mom, give me a break!) I’ll get to the point:

His relentless curiosity made me think of a few years back, when the most exciting and mysterious journey started for me:

My spiritual life was born along with the sweetest years I’ve ever tasted so far.

Looking back, I see that one of the pivotal steps for this to happen was to acknowledge the existence of my spirit.

Look, I myself am a pragmatic person, what I say is certified.

I know that even the concept of spiritual life ain’t the easiest thing to dimension -BUT hey! Some of the most constant presences in our lives are invisible.

Hello gravity!

More importantly:

They DO NOT need us to acknowledge them to exist. They do on they’re own.

Even more essential than that:

We DO need to acknowledge their existence to harvest their fruits.

Humankind’s expertise is at exploiting what life has to offer.

Just an idea to think about.

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If you’re happy and you know it

What is it that contributes to a mental blockage? Actually for that matter I better refer to any blockage.

Wanting to accomplish something but not finishing it, sometimes not even starting it.

What a shame for something to die in our imagination and not be able to come to life.

Of course not every single idea in the mind deserves to be pursued, actually I’ve found many that needs to be killed right there.

Entertaining some thoughts are like playing with fire and I am definitely beyond the point of wanting to get burnt. (I’m still putting ice into some burns)

But there are these other thoughts that have to come into reality.

The risk of them simply dying is too heavy for both: the potential creator and those who would have access to it once materialized.

Like taking the decision of sharing this photo of my dog; has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m saying but has to be shared lol.

Coming back to the subject:

Personally, I really really reaaally want to experience the transformation that comes with pursuing and achieving; heck, who knows!? It might even be meaningful for others and not only to me.

I definitely DO NOT want to end up regretting not knowing how much I could have stretch, achieve, create, influence.

Now that I think about it, to go with the flow and pursuit, to express the compulsion inside me and be able to actually let it be IS FREEDOM.

I know the initial question of this entry :

What is it that contributes to a mental blockage?

-is not even addressed but I was on a flow and would have been too ironic to block my train of thought.

There it is! overthinking is one of the biggest reasons for blockages.

I’ll wrap up this post singing a well known kids song to adopt it as an ironic mantra.

If you’re happy and you know it: overthink

If you’re happy and you know it: overthink

If you’re happy and you know it

and you don’t really wanna show it

If you’re happy and you know it: overthink

Cheers, Adriana.


Style has gotten easier!

Picture this:

I was walking with a pair of dark blue lavished skinny jeans, a beige structured linen blouse, a pair of animal print brown espadrilles, washed face, my curls bouncing with a brown and black lines hair pin and a beige toned snake clutch…

In case that was confusing, let me help with a picture:

My clutch was hanging from the stroller since I was taking my dog for a walk with my 2 month old hoping he would finish his nap (he did).

As I looked down I realized I had kind of a cool beige mix and match style going on (my dog was also accidentally part of my styling).

That was a pleasant surprise since I had left home in a rush- grabbed everything at hand in the same color shades (total beige is in btw) and remembered that in this generation: style has no limits.

-In my 20’s this kind of “Uber eclectic” mix of patterns: snake print with cheetah with lines would have been a “fashion slap on the face”.

It seems like after decades of fashion we have seen enough aesthetics to be confortable with style diversity. Our panorama is way wider every year.

But that’s not a novelty right? We know that.

What’s even more interesting to me is that even thou I had no intention of looking like I knew what I was doing in terms of fashion, thanks to this wider fashion sense I was looking RAD, and I felt it!

But wait, there’s an even cooler part: not only was I unwillingly wearing a cool styling (call me Adriana. Effortless Adriana; like Bond, James Bond, get it? A dad joke is always appropriate) but all I had to do to get it was to buy the items I like and wear them together.

Crazy but style should be that simple in the first place!

No outfit confusion, no outfit planner, not even worrying about matching, further more: no worries about being socially presentable!

Today it is as simple as getting what we like to have the means for a beautiful, fashionable and more importantly PERSONAL style.

You do this and let me know how is the confidence flowing.



Welcome to My New Personal Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’m just getting this new blog going, mainly for my own thoughts acknowledgment.

The thing is that different thoughts keep passing thru my mind all the time, on different topics and they start getting connected; sometimes I wonder: am I crazy or is this creativity? I guess will find out soon enough (text messaging “haha”).

My intention is to capture and voice my opinion, my world view, my inner man, my je ne sais quoi and don’t fall into l’esprit d’escalier (The feeling from not saying what you had to say).

No biggie right? Just a life full of experiences and a mind filled with thoughts.

So stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.



When I wasn’t trustworthy

It was four years from now when I was missing integrity -I could commit to any activity but I wasn’t able to come thru- Sometimes my calendar was already too busy because I never said NO to any of the things that came up, other times I didn’t have the energy and desire to do so -goes by default: I wasn’t doing much about having the health to summon the strength either- now I can only imagine how many opportunities were wasted.

I was unliving: it was Just as having a flower without smelling it. Looking at its beauty is good but missing its fragrance makes it imposible to experience its essence and purpose.

I wasn’t very aware of this at that time thou; I was enjoying in my oblivion, I can’t even say I had a serious longing; I mean, I had some gaps here and there but I thought It was the regular anxiety and uncertainty, “normal stuff”.

I never imagined those voids would be filled with hope and answers while my whole self would pour out.

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The true influencer

This is the story of me and the girl who introduced me into understanding that friendship is not only a companionship thing but could also have a mentoring side.

I met Pam Milian back when I was around 22 -I’m 30 at the time- in a VERY competitive work environment, I was new and was getting an idea of my surroundings. That was definitely the vibe.

As she walked inside the office it got filled with her overpowering essence. She reeked experience, glamour and confidence.

This is her glorious self.

She sat next to me -this was my first time in a full on executive job- we were in the same side of the desk, across our boss in the other side. I immediately noticed her posh manicure and her infinite hills…and legs.

Once the meeting was over she asked me for lunch; she got me on her pocket right there but I didn’t know that quite yet. Took me for sushi. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, thought I would be better having lunch at my desk by myself, doing whatever I could do meanwhile -I was a country girl and she was city gal.

As we were on our way to the restaurant she voiced her opinion on how depressing was to spend the whole day at that gray bureaucratic office – I’m not sure if she was aware or not that was my daily routine- I couldn’t agree more.

I was quick to realize she’s a person on top of her life, with all taken care of, making time for what’s important and then some for the rest.

I was in for the ride, ready to go wherever she would take me, eager to learn her lifestyle and privileged to be part of it.

Our friendship is fun, empathic and nurturing, it could only lead to mutual love!

One day she did my nails because I really liked hers and she ain’t selfish. She had a gelish kit awaiting fue us to bond.

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There is a compulsion inside me that doesn’t stop pressing towards the outside to create, to bring forth… something… something beautiful, something interesting, something evocative, something expressive.

I have so many mediums to try, like writing for instance, which I love because it’s so simple, I can just flow and edit, it’s pretty straight forward, for me and for the reader. I like it because there is no confusion whatsoever… if I can convey the intentionality of my words of course.

Then there is music and painting, those have been my sweethearts since I have memory. A good beat takes the listener to places. Brings memories, brings sensations in the skin, in the stomach, in the heart.

When those two mediums are put together with quality the result overtakes consciousness. Some power!

Then there’s painting, this art form keeps pulling me; it seems I have a talent. I found out it is legit almost about to turn 30. And it wasn’t because I have never done but because someone told me so…

Funny how third party validation can define self opinion. I guess because it’s not bias… Ha! What’s not biased anyway?

Everyone has their own lenses to look. Like if I have purple lenses then even a green square will look purple.

At the end: that’s the thing with art… it brings perceptions to live.

The sweetest thing

To continue honoring the pieces that make me whole and have manifested in the shape of girlfriends, now it’s all about a bootylicous, kinda shy, gentle, innocent babe – I can already imagine her face blushing with curiosity and shyness as she reads.

(She’s the one with a white tank top smudge in the middle).

I can just go on and write so many wonderful adjectives about her but instead of a blog entry I’ll end up with a target market key words list, lol.

I cannot find a better way thou:

Picture the femininity, class and dignity from Charlotte from Sex and the City mixed with the silliness, empathy, and stability of Charlotte from Sex and the City.

I cannot be clearer than that.

Now just try and imagine the link between her and I:

Back when we were in high school, with all the great confusion of that season, there we were: sharing our interest on mystery solving cases, chips and simple conversations, for hours; as in 6 hours, at least twice a week for 6 straight months.

Our medium: the landline.

Our fuel: honest friendship.

Our poison: jalapeño chips.

Our challenge: being the first one to come back to the phone when our snacks were over without hanging up.

When can one get that kind of innocent, honest relationship? Only when you are young and wild and free as Mr. Snoop Dog well says.

Back in those days it was a true luxury for me to be myself with someone as there was bullying in my plate at the moment.

And life had Ale Borjas and me sharing that.

I couldn’t have a better companion because for her: friendship isn’t a passing thing but a life long relationship.

I’ll explain: She’s so sincere I’m not even sure she understands the commitment it requires to accomplish taking a high school friendship into adulthood (specially living in different cities).

I feel she just truly cares about me and having me around so the commitment part is just involuntary for her.

Today she’s invested so intelligently on her social circule that she was invited to 49 weddings only last year, and of course, she attended all of them!

Can you now understand how special this women is? Special and unique.

I know for a fact she’s a blessing. Even if I didn’t know her and I hear about her I would just want to meet her, get to know her and have her as a friend.

I feel like continuing writing praises on her, lol.

To wrap this up:

What more confirmation of me being special too than having this diamond of a women appreciating me for more than a decade.

And for the record: I have not been even a tad close of giving her the care she actually deserves.

Why does she even love me? I have absolutely no clue but I feel privileged about it.

I know for a fact she’ll continue walking her way, treasuring tons of real meaningful relationships and the fact that I get to be one, is just like having one of the Willy Wonka’s golden tickets! Minus the oompa loompas but including the chocolate.

‘Till we meet again, Adriana.

And now: One more memory together

Mango season

On my second post about some of the women who have helped shape my worldview I’d like to bring into mind my dear friend Jacqueline.

This is a girl who can laugh out loud! She’s got a super fun, uncomplicated and practical mindset.

I’m not sure if this is either a personality trade of hers or a skill but oh men, she works it really naturally.

Our history together gets robust in a very strategic season of life:

College years; right before hitting maturity (…well she did).

-In case you are wondering: it took me at least 5 more years to slam my face into the maturity door, so I can say we are only passing from being acquaintances to be comfortable with each other (can I hear some LOL?).

Anyways, we had FUN, RECKLESS FUN.

Later, in what it seemed the middle of our partying she met a guy and was quick to realize he was not one to let go, this was THE MAN.

Meanwhile I moved to a different state.

Of course we kept in touch and with the pass of time I would be more and more amazed at how little I had known my friend.

I’m not talking of her loosing her spark by getting serious but the whole opposite, she kept always adding new ingredients into her personhood.

From her studies and career, to her health, to her family, she’s kept on expanding.

Isn’t this what LIVING is about?


Just think about it: wars have been fought for this very reason!

So, why is she important to my life?

A whole new horizon of possibilities opened up for me by witnessing the way she would work for her new convictions.

Back when I was around 15 I used to hear people praising Madonna for the way “she reinvented her self” and it always caught my attention but didn’t quite get it.

I was only aware of her different looks but I wasn’t familiar with the different substance she would bring every time.

That’s what I was able to see first hand with my friend.

With her example I understood as time went by that I didn’t have to commit forever to my current commitment. I can change if I want to for what I want to!

The glimpses of freedom she’s showed me are a treasure.

Yes, this covers it:

With love, Adriana.

My oldest friend

This is the first entry of a series about the women in my life; our relationships have filled different gaps that have helped shape my personhood till the day.

Mentor, sister, friend, inspiration, role model, unconditional: those are some of the words that come to my mind when I bring to mind memories with them.

I’ll start where I am right now, and that’s with my oldest friend.

The escenario where we met was a NEW classroom in a NEW high school where my mates knew each other from kindergarten and I knew ZERO people – I look back at those years and can still feel the vulnerability…

-Hi I’m Alina, you are Pury right? -She knew one out of my three first names.

-I was seen; I wasn’t expecting anybody to talk to me, specially this tall, blonde, thin girl.

Not only was I seen but I felt so special.

After that, it was all history, we just clicked and started filling us up on where we were in our young lives as well as including each other into our new teenage adventures.

Oh…How much have we shared.

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Letter to a friend

Léeme en español: Carta para un amigx

I know the easiest thing in this life IS NOT to communicate.

That’s why I write this letter to you, who has chosen to tell me kind words when they kick from your heart to your mind.

I THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting them reach your lips or your fingers (this is the texting era after all).

You might know me superficially and without being aware about my inner details, it is love what I receive from you.

Somehow I never expect you but I’m always happily surprised to see you in my inbox.

Oh men…

I write this because I didn’t want to let pass the opportunity to tell you this either.

I wish you keep your freedom everyday and continue sharing your beautiful self and essence.

That way more fortunate people like me can enjoy feeling love in our hearts.

Love indeed sets us free.

Johnny Cash says it better than me:

One life with each other
One life but we’re not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other



He’s also a son

I saw my baby boy today,

Seems like floating in the air,

He’s stroller opens the way

For new places to observe.


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