Don’t read this if you’re my boss

Léeme en español: Si eres mi jefe no leas ésto

I’ve been thinking lately -for the last 10 years, pretty much since I hit adulthood -about my… how can I call it?

Lack of commitment?

Need for accountability?

Lack of motivation?

Need for discipline?

Time and time again I reach this moment where my current thing becomes past news, just like that.

Whatever interested me today, made me so passionate to go research, study the topic and then moved me to act, simply stops occupying space in my mind. In a second!

I’ll explain myself better:

Once something is in my head, that’s it:

I’m fixated. I will do it and I won’t just do it, but once it’s done, it’s gonna be perfect.

The problem of course is that many times I don’t get to that “perfect stage” for which I planned and invested so much.

This is how it happens:

I’m going deep dive into the subject of my interest and suddenly something else catches my attention and the earlier item is just left hanging.

And I wonder: how can it be when I was so engaged in it!

Investing so much time!

Giving it so much real state in my mind!

Thinking deeper into the matter:

I used to procrastinate back in the day… now it is impossible for me to do that because of the endless to do list I’m developing with my new acquired habit.

I just wanna do everything.

…At the same time!

Is it that I’m over ambitious? Lol

If somebody has an answer to my problem please tell me now and I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile I conclude that my walk into the productivity valley is evolving.

That’s actually not so bad.




Spirit? Seriously? …YES.

My 3 month old is literally discovering the world:

Whenever he listens to a new rhythm of music his eyes almost come out from the socket!

He stares at any patterns around, looks from top to bottom amazed.

-Not sure if he’s trying to see if each element of the pattern is the same but, before I spend my whole day talking about my son ( I’m a new mom, give me a break!) I’ll get to the point:

His relentless curiosity made me think of a few years back, when the most exciting and mysterious journey started for me:

My spiritual life was born along with the sweetest years I’ve ever tasted so far.

Looking back, I see that one of the pivotal steps for this to happen was to acknowledge the existence of my spirit.

Look, I myself am a pragmatic person, what I say is certified.

I know that even the concept of spiritual life ain’t the easiest thing to dimension -BUT hey! Some of the most constant presences in our lives are invisible.

Hello gravity!

More importantly:

They DO NOT need us to acknowledge them to exist. They do on they’re own.

Even more essential than that:

We DO need to acknowledge their existence to harvest their fruits.

Humankind’s expertise is at exploiting what life has to offer.

Just an idea to think about.

Sigue leyendo “Spirit? Seriously? …YES.”


If you’re happy and you know it

What is it that contributes to a mental blockage? Actually for that matter I better refer to any blockage.

Wanting to accomplish something but not finishing it, sometimes not even starting it.

What a shame for something to die in our imagination and not be able to come to life.

Of course not every single idea in the mind deserves to be pursued, actually I’ve found many that needs to be killed right there.

Entertaining some thoughts are like playing with fire and I am definitely beyond the point of wanting to get burnt. (I’m still putting ice into some burns)

But there are these other thoughts that have to come into reality.

The risk of them simply dying is too heavy for both: the potential creator and those who would have access to it once materialized.

Like taking the decision of sharing this photo of my dog; has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m saying but has to be shared lol.

Coming back to the subject:

Personally, I really really reaaally want to experience the transformation that comes with pursuing and achieving; heck, who knows!? It might even be meaningful for others and not only to me.

I definitely DO NOT want to end up regretting not knowing how much I could have stretch, achieve, create, influence.

Now that I think about it, to go with the flow and pursuit, to express the compulsion inside me and be able to actually let it be IS FREEDOM.

I know the initial question of this entry :

What is it that contributes to a mental blockage?

-is not even addressed but I was on a flow and would have been too ironic to block my train of thought.

There it is! overthinking is one of the biggest reasons for blockages.

I’ll wrap up this post singing a well known kids song to adopt it as an ironic mantra.

If you’re happy and you know it: overthink

If you’re happy and you know it: overthink

If you’re happy and you know it

and you don’t really wanna show it

If you’re happy and you know it: overthink

Cheers, Adriana.


Style has gotten easier!

Picture this:

I was walking with a pair of dark blue lavished skinny jeans, a beige structured linen blouse, a pair of animal print brown espadrilles, washed face, my curls bouncing with a brown and black lines hair pin and a beige toned snake clutch…

In case that was confusing, let me help with a picture:

My clutch was hanging from the stroller since I was taking my dog for a walk with my 2 month old hoping he would finish his nap (he did).

As I looked down I realized I had kind of a cool beige mix and match style going on (my dog was also accidentally part of my styling).

That was a pleasant surprise since I had left home in a rush- grabbed everything at hand in the same color shades (total beige is in btw) and remembered that in this generation: style has no limits.

-In my 20’s this kind of “Uber eclectic” mix of patterns: snake print with cheetah with lines would have been a “fashion slap on the face”.

It seems like after decades of fashion we have seen enough aesthetics to be confortable with style diversity. Our panorama is way wider every year.

But that’s not a novelty right? We know that.

What’s even more interesting to me is that even thou I had no intention of looking like I knew what I was doing in terms of fashion, thanks to this wider fashion sense I was looking RAD, and I felt it!

But wait, there’s an even cooler part: not only was I unwillingly wearing a cool styling (call me Adriana. Effortless Adriana; like Bond, James Bond, get it? A dad joke is always appropriate) but all I had to do to get it was to buy the items I like and wear them together.

Crazy but style should be that simple in the first place!

No outfit confusion, no outfit planner, not even worrying about matching, further more: no worries about being socially presentable!

Today it is as simple as getting what we like to have the means for a beautiful, fashionable and more importantly PERSONAL style.

You do this and let me know how is the confidence flowing.



Welcome to My New Personal Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’m just getting this new blog going, mainly for my own thoughts acknowledgment.

The thing is that different thoughts keep passing thru my mind all the time, on different topics and they start getting connected; sometimes I wonder: am I crazy or is this creativity? I guess will find out soon enough (text messaging “haha”).

My intention is to capture and voice my opinion, my world view, my inner man, my je ne sais quoi and don’t fall into l’esprit d’escalier (The feeling from not saying what you had to say).

No biggie right? Just a life full of experiences and a mind filled with thoughts.

So stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.



Letter to a friend

Léeme en español: Carta para un amigx

I know the easiest thing in this life IS NOT to communicate.

That’s why I write this letter to you, who has chosen to tell me kind words when they kick from your heart to your mind.

I THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting them reach your lips or your fingers (this is the texting era after all).

You might know me superficially and without being aware about my inner details, it is love what I receive from you.

Somehow I never expect you but I’m always happily surprised to see you in my inbox.

Oh men…

I write this because I didn’t want to let pass the opportunity to tell you this either.

I wish you keep your freedom everyday and continue sharing your beautiful self and essence.

That way more fortunate people like me can enjoy feeling love in our hearts.

Love indeed sets us free.

Johnny Cash says it better than me:

One life with each other
One life but we’re not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other



He’s also a son

I saw my baby boy today,

Seems like floating in the air,

He’s stroller opens the way

For new places to observe.


Sigue leyendo “He’s also a son”

The spirit matters more than matter

I will start saying what I believe about spirituality (I will also try to be as concrete as possible):

There is a spiritual reality which manifests thru the material universe. I believe it’s created, orchestrated and supported by the Host of Hosts, the master mind and the perfect power: God Almighty.

I believe human kind is the most advanced and powerful manifestation of God’s logic and it’s made perfect in Jesus Christ.

-I’ll expand on the details in later posts.

That being said, I chose to cling and host inside me what´s known in mainstream as sound mind, boldness and love (biblically known as the Holy Spirit) over any other spirit (bad temper, pride, depression, etc).

This was a choice I made in 2015 and since that moment I’ve been compelled to cultivate these foundational beliefs thru spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, fasting, and praising.

Maybe in other time I can write a bit on how I got to these conclusions. Let me just acknowledge I’m not an easy person to convince.

The truth is that since then I have witnessed and experienced a cleaner, simpler, richer life.

Thanks be to God!

Alo dear Adriana

Well… I will start introducing myself.

This is Pury Beatriz Adriana Briceño Purcallas (maybe I should put comas between each name) writing. You can call me Adriana and make things simple.

To say the truth I’ve realized I’m not afraid of making things difficult. Actually, many times I do.. just for the sake of experimenting in my own skin what it feels to fall and stand up again.

From that experience I can say that making things simple is my new thing.

My greatest accomplishment so far is to not die on the delivery of my first born.

My husband says I’m a pragmatic (realistic) person. The first time I heard it, it didn’t seemed so pragmatic to me.

I guess the way I think of my self is not the way people does. Pretty normal stuff I’d say.

I don’t have a favorite color yet, or food or anything (too much commitment). I do have a favorite band thou: that’s Queen.

What else can I say in the hopes of making you grasp of my essence?

My faith is in Christ and I’m a fan of practicing what I preach (I fail sometimes).

I’m starting my 3rd decade now! I received it becoming a mother.

Slowly getting to know my son moved me into finally doing this. I’ve always enjoyed writing, always enjoyed entertainment (of course) and always enjoyed self improvement.

As I wanted to do something with those and was coming up with good but very demanding ideas the time kept going.

Finally I decided to put myself out there.

I relate this to my son because he’s arrival made me understand how much he needs me in my best version.

And to actually harness my potential and offer it to him, this is one of the first steps.

I’ll be writing my thoughts on womanhood, spirituality, style, society and let’s see what else. I’ll keep it fun, crisp and genuine.

If you want to connect further with me leave a comment with your thoughts too or write to

See you in the next post!