Breastfeeding for everyone!

What a feeling to see this picture of my baby clinging to the warmth and nurture of my body, right after emerging to a cold and sort of lonely world (specially coming from such an embracing environment, all covered with warm liquid and full with the sound of my own life pushing forward day after day).

And so, slowly but steadily we learn how to live, how to thrive.

How truth it is, this is a world of suffering, that’s the world we inherited for playing God and having the boldness of deciding what is bad and what is good like if our preseted, polluted minds along with our short experiences would serve as a fair judge.

Of course it happened what was expected, people would just look for their own benefit attempting to twist the fibers of reality to their advantage. We know how that story ends; we’ve heard it say:

No one scapes karma.

What goes around comes around.

God keeps a book.

It is in the narration of the fall of men on Genesis when we got the news delivered:

Now you’ll suffer, you’ll have to work hard to get your food, even reproducing your kind is gonna be painful for the mother!

Then we see our great Mother Nature, who kindly provides magnificent ecosystems and then harshly kills so many others with viruses, predators, hurricanes, tsunamis, and more transformation to this earth.

But right there is where we can find hope too:

All of our lives, every generation has been able to move forward in the search of some comfort away from the hostility of nature, and we’ve thrived!

Indeed human race has dominion over all. But! Perfect enough it’s only back in nature where we can find what will really support our existence.

Just like my baby son, clinging to my breasts to find nurture for his newborn condition.

What a cycle! It is in our efforts to survive that we have also kinda enforced this abstract revenge against nature itself by mutilating it.

No matter how many attempts there may be to separate us from our origins, we are doomed to grow together by going back at then! So complex, so sophisticated, so rich!

But of course, we still try to judge whether something is morally good or wrong. We try to defend cases by attacking those who «are the problem», can’t we see that:

I am the problem!?

I am the problem, say it and just remember that as deep as that is, there’s also a solution:

Life always finds it way to live. That’s the truth, there’s always hope, there’s always life after dead, no matter what the problem is, God has finished his work and we can’t stop it.

We can try our best to spread hate, fear, judgement and confusion but the great picture is already painted.

So let’s continue to cling as little babies to what life has for us in whatever season we are because that’s exactly perfect for us, that’s the way we’ll get what we need to live and thrive thru any harshness.

Also, it’s the opportunity for all of us to be heroes! What’s more heroic than willingly facing your present graciously.

We won’t be naked all the way, as we surrender to the moment, we’ll get the nourishment. Trust God friend, surrender to what He’s planed is the sweetest victory!

With love and encouragement:


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