It’s all temporary

New York City is one of those where one can experience all four seasons.

On summer there’s humidity in the ambience, the skin gets sticky with it, it’s also HOT, boiling hot.

After a while the rains make the introduction to autum and, you know it’s different in every way from summer: the temperature starts cooling off and the trees become yellow, red and orange; ready to shed its leaves. That is by the way one of my favorite natural spectacles to watch.

Then the sunrises and sunsets get deeper colors and the cold gets suddenly intense. The snow will come down any moment now and again the landscape changes drastically to white scenarios and what seems to be dead trees.

Finally just when the cold and dryness begins to really influence the way you feel (and your weight), the snow starts melting and the trees start showing buds.

New life is coming!

I’m not joking, I have felt HOPE at that moment, it turns to confidence when the flowers actually start popping.

So conceptual and so real.

Now, after experiencing different seasons my self, I find it so cool to have nature exemplify the radical yet natural changes a human goes thru.

I feel it easier to live them by understanding they are the temporary, each with they’re own colors, feelings and thoughts. All rich to surrender and experience.

Think about it while watching this NYC sunset in 24 seconds:

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